Common Problems That Require a Freezer Repair Service

Freezer Repair Service

Freezers offer a convenient way to store frozen foods, pre-prepared meals and other essential items. They are a useful appliance, but sometimes they may break down and need to be repaired or replaced.

Freezer repair services can help you fix a wide range of problems. Some of the most common include:

Not Running

Freezers are a vital part of many homes, providing instant ice and convenient frozen treats. Despite this, freezers have a lot of moving parts and are prone to common problems. This can range from minor issues to serious ones that require freezer repair services.

A freezer that does not run at all can be an alarming problem for home owners. A refrigerator technician can inspect the unit to find out what is causing it to not work properly. This could include a malfunctioning defrost sensor or control board, cold control thermostat, evaporator fan motor, or compressor.

It is also possible that the freezer is not running because of a dirty condenser coil or thermostat. This can be easy to fix if the freezer is not too full and the problem is caused by a simple blockage of air circulation. It is recommended to keep the freezer about 70% to 85% full in order to ensure proper cooling.

Pools of Water on the Floor

The freezer is a versatile appliance that keeps foods and other frozen items at their optimal temperatures. It has several parts and components that work together to keep your food cold and safe, and they all suffer from wear and tear over time. Some are more likely to need maintenance and repairs than others. The repair costs for these appliances vary based on the brand and what needs to be fixed.

Pools of water on the floor around the freezer can be caused by a variety of issues, from a drain line problem to a thermostat issue. The best way to fix the problem is to call a professional. To find a reputable technician, ask friends and neighbors for recommendations or check online listings on trusted sites. Getting your freezer repaired quickly can help you avoid the cost of buying replacement food. You can also save money by following a freezer maintenance schedule to prevent problems in the future.

Excessive Noise

When a freezer makes an unexpected loud noise it is usually caused by the evaporator fan motor. This is a critical component that circulates cool air around the fridge but over time it can lose its lubrication or just develop electrical faults. This will result in your freezer making a loud humming sound.

Humming from your freezer while it is making ice is normal and the humming will stop once the ice is ready but any noise that continues after this point indicates that something is wrong with the dispenser. This is understandably worrying but a qualified Repair Aid technician should be able to resolve the problem quickly.

Replacing a freezer door averages $250 to $650 and is one of the more expensive repairs that can be carried out on a freezer. It is important that the replacement is fitted correctly to avoid further problems. This can be avoided by keeping your freezer regularly maintained. For example, the freezer coils should be cleaned of dust four times per year and the freezer door should be closed properly to keep out cold air.

Light Bulb Replacement

One of the most common problems that freezer repair services deal with is a light bulb that will not turn on. It could be that the bulb has burned out, and swapping it out is a quick fix that can often solve this problem. A dirty socket can also prevent a light from turning on, and can be easily cleaned with a warm cloth.

It is important to remember that a refrigerator light should always be unplugged before inspecting or touching it. This will prevent the possibility of electrocution.

Depending on the brand of your freezer, you may need to refer to your owner’s manual for instructions on removing the cover and changing the light switch. If your model has a LED light, it is usually marked with its size, shape and wattage. If not, a hardware store can help you find the right replacement. Make sure to buy an appliance light bulb that is the correct wattage to avoid damage.